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An interview with Chris Mann on BBC Radio Cambridge about the up and coming Liars Contest. I spent a whole hour on the radio, with two storytelling colleagues, having to lie. It was loads of fun!


And an interview about being the Bard of Cambridge, with Jeremy Sallis on BBC Radio Cambridge – radio cambridge 

Below are Jeremy and Glen from Radio Cambridge channeling the power of the Bard Staff.


An interview with Phil Rowe on Cambridge 105 radio. Being interviewed as the newly elected Bard of Cambridge. I am now fully qualified to go round saying what I think about things…

This was an exciting morning spent at Radio 4 on Saturday Live and they really do have as much fun as they sound like they are having. Great experience.

An article in the Big Issue written together with a dear friend, Raafat, who I met in November 2015 when I was on the Isle of Lesvos in Greece.

At the Pivotal Festival in Cambridge in November 2016.

In April 2016 BBC Cambridge TV filmed part of a performance of refugee stories and part of an interview. It was great fun to do although it’s never easy seeing yourself on the screen!

In January 2015 I was lucky enough to be involved in making an advert for the great institution that is the BBC.  I was whisked off to the Royal College of Arts in London and spent a day filming with the delightful 6 year old Ava.  I was championing the delights of Radio 4 while she taught me all about CBeebies. There are 4 similar adverts as part of the ‘There’s more BBC than you think’ initiative.

In September 2014 The Moth storytelling organisation was leaving American soil for the first time and coming to England. The Moth has grown enormously over the years with people delighting listeners with true stories of their lives. Guests such as Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman and Annie Proulx have all told stories with The Moth and, as such, it has become a bit of a ‘thing’ to get to tell a story. In August 2014 The Guardian ran a competition to find the first story to be told in England and I was lucky enough to win with my lion story. Now, in my defence, this was the first time I had used a microphone and the lights were shining in my face so I couldn’t see the audience which is my excuse for why I look slightly wild eyed… 

This was an interview with Radio Essex about my book ‘Home Flown – The Laymamma’s Guide to an Empty Nest’. But not just any old radio interview, oh no, this was in Chelmsford, the birthplace of radio! Marconi carved out Chelmsford as the place to be and he went about making the world a smaller place with the wonder that is radio. The BBC Essex radio station still broadcasts from the same building where the first programme was aired and it felt very special.

This was my first ever radio interview and it was with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire with the delightful Sue Dougan. I would never have thought in a million years that radio would be something that I would enjoy but this was the moment that I absolutely fell in love with radio. I then found out that it is very addictive!

Angela Lauria is from Washington and is a whirl of enthusiasm. Angela then went on to publish my second book; ‘No Wonder We’re All Mad’

Book Journeys – BlogTalkRadio
Nov 20, 2014 Join Dr. Angela Lauria of the Author Incubator as she interviews mother, storyteller, writer Glenys Newton about the publishing of her book, ……/ep-101-glenysnewton-on-empty-nests

This is such a fabulous initiative and great fun to be involved in. Noel White from Oxford got it all off the ground and we spent an evening reading stories that the children had written. Noel now has a grant to be able to take this further so watch this space for more amazing tales from the children of Oxford.

Guided creative writing workshops, storytelling and open discussion of ideas surrounding story and its place in our society with the help of Oxford City Council’s Youth Ambition Grant, 18th April 2015


This is a great family festival if you ever get the chance to go along. It’s small and friendly with lots going on,  I look forward to be able to go along again this year.

Rest Festival

This was my first ever appearance at a Literary Festival. I love Dorset and all that it has to offer. Wimborne Literary Festival is a delightful affair and, as with all Literary Festivals, is manned by enthusiastic volunteers and all people with a passion for books and words in general. I was in the schedule and so was Kate Adie which was a personal highlight for me as she is one of my heros in life.

Wimborne Literary Festival

This was the article that was published in the Guardian weekend magazine following winning the 2014 The Moth storytelling. I’m not so sure that our family was actually attacked by lions but a story is a story…

My family was attacked by lions, Glenys in The Guardian, 7th November 2014

East Grinstead Courier, 20th October 2014

East Grinstead, 18th October 2014

Herts and Essex Observer, 19th September 2014

Saffron Walden Reporter, 12th September 2014

Below are a couple of blogs that I have written about Empty Nest. I am often asked to write blogs and it is always a pleasure.  Blogs are written by many far and wide and are an opportunity for people to speak of their own stories and share a sense of community with one other.


This article below is a personal favourite for me. The Lion story is apparently being used as English homework. The real reason I like it is because I am nestled next to Billy Bragg. Sigh…

RSA English Homework

This article below was in the newsletter for the International School of Storytelling. The school is as rich as rich can be, filled with stories and amazing people. If you ever get a chance to go there then do.

International School of Storytelling