Earlier this week I had the pleasure and honour of hosting these two fine people for just one night.

Red and Silva (the colours of Christmas as it so happens) walked from Big Ben in London to Lincoln Cathedral, over not nearly enough days for that distance, to raise money for a young mother of 3, Natalie, who has had a serious car accident leaving her bed bound. They want to buy her a fancy pants wheelchair that will enhance her life that has been so tragically altered.

It was Red’s idea. He has never met Natalie, he just read about her plight. Silva has never met Red. He just heard what Red was doing and chose to join in. I’ve never met Silva. I know Red through campaigning for the children in Calais online – one of the many people who spend hours each day, unseen, unheard and taking no credit at all for all the work that they do. These are two people who simply decided to get up off their arses and do something for someone they have never met.

Red and Silva embody, what should be, the spirit of Christmas. Doing something just for the sheer love of a fellow human being. Red and Silva give a shit and this is why it was such an utter pleasure and an honour to play a small part in their journey. It was meant to be 140 miles but it would have been way more than that. I picked them up late at night in the thick fog in the middle of nowhere in a place that google maps had taken them to, which was off course but we all know that about google maps.

They were being driven by a determination which transcends any personal gain, any wish for recognition or glory. I saw the state of Red’s feet and there was nothing glorious about them I can assure you. They were being driven by the very human wish to better the life of another unknown human sharing the same planet. I am not one given over to mush but they were powered by love of the very purest kind. Red and Silva represent all that is right with the human race.

I have seen a lot of this over the past year. Many, many people who are driven to be able to do things for people, give to people at a time when others are in trouble and they are able to do something about it. I have seen love and altruism on an epic scale that has restored my faith in the human race. I never knew that there were so many people quietly battling away for a better world with a stoic determination that is totally unmovable. I have also seen hatred and ignorance that cuts to the very core, that is culling kindness at the same rate that we are culling our planet. They might even be the same people. I have seen good people sit by and do nothing. I have seen people become divided by fear and statistics and hatred. What I would say, though, is that there are many more good people than there are those wishing ill upon others. When I see hatred spewing out of our many forms of media I hum a little tune to myself and I would invite you to do the same. It goes like this and is hummed to the tune of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…’

‘There are many many more of us than you. There are many many more of us than you. There are many many more of us. Many many more of us. Many many more of us than you.’

There is great strength in numbers as the saying goes. So, it would be good to up the numbers of people who give a shit. Increase the numbers of Reds and Silvas on this planet.

Red and Silva have now arrived at their destination and I hope that they have been able to raise enough money to buy a wheelchair for Natalie. Well done lads, you are amazing you really are. What Red and Silva have done is way way more than walk from Big Ben to London. They have stepped up to the plate and shown the power of love and I am in awe of them.