The Sun Sets on Another Day



Welcome to Moria camp. This is where people go to the south of the Island to register to be able to get the right papers for travelling onwards. It is 60 km from where most of the boats arrive and up until last week everyone had to walk it. Refugees cannot spend money I.e. on food, taxis, hotels, until they have registered. It is illegal to give anyone a lift (technically) so up until last week people did a 3 day walk with children wet and cold and some were dying of hypothermia. The UNHCR are now laying on buses in a couple of stages which is a massive improvement. The UNCHR are great i have to say. Arrival at Moria camp is daunting and unwelcoming to say the least. Syrians go one way and ‘everyone else’ the other. Syrians are processed quicker and the camp is far more pleasant. It’s complicated but also serves to breed resentment. In the ‘other’ families are sleeping on the ground in the open air. It is unclear how long it takes to process papers there although I’m guessing it varies depending on how many people are there. One man said that he’d been waiting for 10 days, others 3. Personally i wanted to get out of there after ten minutes.

Word has reached out here of the tragedies in France. It’s so so sad and I hope the repercussions don’t spread into more lives lost. I can’t help thinking of that young lad yesterday and how i reassured him that there were no more bombs. I hope they don’t reap the hatred sown after all that they have been through. If we don’t learn how to treat one another with kindness, everybody, then I don’t hold out a great deal of hope for our world. This could tip into something serious if more fuel is poured on the fire of hatred and I’m not so sure we’d have a huge amount of places to run to.
The sun has set here and I hope that lives are not lost in the sea just metres away. I wish for people everywhere to be able to be safe in their own homes.


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