So the nest fills up again

11147869_1748352375391792_6964353450750494722_n (1)My boy is back home again and yesterday was a celebration of him having completed 26 years upon this planet. 26 years! Where did that go?! I know everyone says it but it’s true, time whizzes by and before you know it all the years have gone by. Chris has been in Central America for about 8 months doing various dangerous (to me anyway) things and although he has come home before he had planned, I can’t say I’m sorry to have him back. No matter how old our people get, it’s impossible not to get worried sometimes. It would be the same the other way round I’m sure. So, I wrote a book about Empty Nest and have actually yet to achieve such a status. It does confirm chapters 4,5 and 6 which are all about children ping-ponging back and forth from the family home for several years until life evens out somewhere else doing something else. It’s just that everyone does it at their own pace which is how it should be. There are no hard and fast rules as to when someone should have left home and it should, in no way, be seen as a failure to return home but often in the Western world it is seen as such. Well, I for one and glad to have Chris home. He remains a great source of joy and inspiration and is by far and away the easiest person I have ever lived with.