The greatness that is the BBC


On Saturday 16th May I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest to speak on the great BBC Radio 4 Saturday Live. The morning was hosted by the Rev Richard Coles, Asamah Mir and J P Devlin, all voices that have long since been familiar to me as Saturday Live is one of my favourite programmes.

I was invited to tell a story from my childhood and about storytelling in general which is a topic that I could waffle on for hours about. Chris Tarrant was there to talk about a book that he has recently written about his Dad during World War II and it was interesting to hear of the impact that it has had on Chris in writing this book. I have recently been researching stories of my Grandad in World War I and it has been a real bumpy ride finding out things that went on at that time and how family were involved. And that’s the thing with stories – they create order out of the chaos of memories, emotions and thoughts that we have. Stories are tremendously healing.

Also on Saturday Live was Iain Lauchlan who presented Play School, a programme that aired when I was little and he brought the mythical Finger Mouse puppet with him. Dino Martins, an entemologist, was certainly the brains of the outfit as he talked about bees, pollination and his work in ensuring the continuation of our planet. We all felt a bit humbled by his work as it felt that we all go out and play for a living!

I don’t have a telly and Radio 4 has long since been a constant companion throughout my day. An absolute favourite is Woman’s Hour and the great team at the BBC humoured me by letting me sit in the great Jenny Murray’s chair, with her headphones on while holding Finger Mouse aloft. I can die a happy woman now.


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